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The KIS Account Executive Program

Thanks for your interest in joining our worldwide Account Executive (AE) Program. We offer our AE's many diverse services and products to enhance and compliment their existing business. Some AE's found that by adding KIS service and product lines, they broaden the client base and opening up new revenue sources. In the same time, their present clients are benefiting by having a one stop shopping center which offers full services and products for all of their daily business needs. This is a win-win situation where you win by gaining new business opportunity without the associated startup costs, planning, research, organization, learning-curve, and know-how as KIS has done all the works for you and will be there to support and help you grow your business. Your clients win by having a full service provider in you and the convenience they gain by utilizing your diversified business center, much like the regional shopping mall having the advantage over the small corner mom and pop stores.


KIS has three distinct business divisions. They are:

Each Division’s respective Services and Products are listed herein: (For a complete description of each click the URL's of your choice):

1. Technical and Manpower Services Division consists of:

2. Computer and Internet Services Division consists of :

3. Financial Services Division consists of :




The Account Executive program was created to bring new business opportunity while helping you become financially independent.

KIS does NOT believe in making money off our AE's! We do not require "financial investment" of any kind to become a KIS Account Executive.



Our program is for you!

This program was designed for people who are in business or those who like to build a successful business of their own. Those with sales and marketing experience, motivation, business knowledge and management skill are a plus, but not necessary as we provide the complete services and products, business plan, guidance, know-how and support to see you through each step of the way!.


The Account Executive program!

The Account Executive's main responsibility is selling and marketing our services and products. We take care of everything else. We provide each Account Executive with the following:


The Responsibilities of KIS Group, Inc....

  1. Providing technical support for customers
    We have in depth working knowledge of our service and product lines. If the client has questions he can call KIS direct or send us e-mail, the Account Executive is not bothered with handling technical questions.
  2. Locating new Services and Products
    We are continually looking out for new opportunities to add to our service and product lines. We also upgrade existing lines based on customer feedback. As new opportunities become available, we automatically offer them to our AE's.
  3. Billing customers and sending out commission checks
    KIS does all the billing. At the beginning of each month, we send out commission checks to the Account Executive.


Account Executive Compensation

Our generous sales commissions are as follow:


1.a) *Net Service Fee equals billing labor rates less labor charges, benefits, payroll and other office expenses.

1.b) **Net Earning equals total commission/fee earned less expenses incurred on the particular case.

2) KIS continuously evaluating and improving our AE compensation plan, therefore, the above compensation rates are subjected to change without prior notice or warning. The continuation of AE's active involvement in the sales and marketing of any of these programs is deemed the acknowledgment and the acceptance of the above and any future revised compensation rates by the AE. All AEs' are advised to check this site and acquaint themselves with the latest posting of compensation rate schedule as necessary!

3)The rate schedule was last revised on: 5/09/2000.


The General Account Executive (GAE) Program

KIS offers The General Account Executive (GAE) Program for those who have experience in sales and feel they can manage and motivate others.

A GAE is one who recruits and provides assistance to other Account Executives. The GAE can find other Account Executives in daily contacts; through the Web; through words of month, or using newspaper advertisements/direct mails, and so on.....


Compensation for the General Account Executive (GAE)

The GAE is paid a 10% commission on all their Account Executives' Monthly Residual Commissions. For example, if an Account Executive under a GAE made $10,000 commission in sales, this GAE would automatically earn $1,000 additional income. There is absolutely no limit on your earning when you have many successful Account Executives working under your guidance.


To Become an Account Executive (and you will automatically be enrolled in our General Account Executive Program as well).

Fill out the following information to become a KIS Account Executive. For confirmation, you will receive an e-mail with your AE ID within one week. Please make sure you enter your correct e-mail address.

Please note: Although it is most unlikely that you will experience any problems responding to this form, certain non-standard browsers will not respond properly. If you experience any difficulties, (or if you are not using a forms-capable browser) you may email your response to this form to: KIS AE Program



First name: MI: Surname:

Company Name:

Address 1:

Address 2:


State: ZIP/Postal Code:





Email Address (Required): 


If you are Referred by a General Account Executive, enter his/her name and AE ID#:

Enter past Experience and Background for yourself or your business below:
Please limit your entry to 300 characters (No HTML Please)

How did you hear about us?

Please check each box to the left of the statement if you understand and agree.

As a KIS Group, Inc. Account Executive, you agree NOT to solicit ANY services through bulk e-mail.
After the sale is made, the customer is a customer of KIS Group, Inc.. For as long as he remains a customer of KIS Group, Inc., the full sales commission will continue to be paid to the Account Executive.
Residual monthly commissions cannot be transferred or sold.
The KIS Group, Inc. Account Executive is an independent contractor and not an employee of KIS Group, Inc. They are responsible for declaring their own income in an IRS form.
The Account Executive agrees not to mislead potential customers in any way. If an answer to a question asked is not known, the Account Executive should call KIS Group, Inc.


Contact Information

You may contact us during normal business hours at 925-828-9643 or email services@kisgroupinc.com for more details.

Telephone: 925-828-9643

Fax: 978-246-8193

Postal address: P.O. Box 2776, Dublin, CA 94568-0277

Electronic mail: Webmaster@kisgroupinc.com

Send email to services@kisgroupinc.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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