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How would you like to save over a third in interest over the life of your mortgage or other simple interest loans?

Banks surely do not want you to learn about this legal method of mortgage reduction plan (MRP) because it hurts their profit margins by putting money back to your pocket. How often do you hear banks work for your benefits and look out for your interests?

Let us help you minimize your overall interest paid. Shorten the life of the loan by up to ten years in a 30-year mortgage, with an interest saving of over one-third. That amounts to a whopping $73,423 saving on a $100,000 thirty-year mortgage at 10% interest rate, please refer to example below. Other loans may provide bigger savings on a case-to-case basis. You may save even more on our Optional Acceleration Plans. Please call for details!

Example: With a $100,000 loan, 30 years amortization at 10% interest, you pay $877.57 per month with total interest paid in 30 years equals $215,925. However, using our MRP, with the same $100,000 loan at 10% interest rate, you will be paying off the loan at approximately 21 years, making a bi-weekly (every two weeks) payment of only $447.56. You only paid $142,496 in interest with a saving of $73,423 in your pocket.

KIS Financial Services, a division of KIS Group, Inc., established since 1989 in California to assist our clients in managing their mortgage payment effectively and efficiently, thus saving thousands of dollars in interest payments and reduce their loan terms significantly, all without the need of refinancing. Complete detail statement with loan payment record for each account will be provided as part of our service. Using automatic Bi-Weekly deposit system debiting your bank account, extra dollars, up to a month’s payment annually, for the payment of mortgage will be accumulating in your assigned Trust Account. These dollars are applied to principal as loan pre-payments, allowable in most mortgage contracts, thus reducing the term of your loan, saving substantial amount of interest expense.

KIS will service your account, set-up the account debiting system, arranges for all timely mortgage payments, provides the detailed account statement for your record all for a low one time enrollment fee of only $299.00 plus a small monthy service charge of 0.25% of the payment. You have worked hard for your money. Let us help you keep it!

For further information or a free illustration, please call 925-828-9643 or e-mail KIS Group, Inc. for more details.

Note: Figures presented herein are for illustration only. Your savings could be more or less.


Our unique Mortgage Reduction Plans (MRP) bankers do not want you to know!





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