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KIS Barter Exchange (KISBE) allows businesses and traders to get what they want, making it all happen without spending one penny in cash or credit!

It will make your dreams come true by providing a FREE, open forum for all to get together in the old fashion process of trading - Bartering - on the Internet. You can purchase products and services you want at discount or wholesale prices while disposing your overstock or obsolete inventories. You grow and expand your business, increase sales and transactions and gain market share all without spending one red cent in cash or drawing down your bank credit line.

We offer just about any possible products or services, ranging from automobiles to zymoscope (for those who are not familiar with this item, it is an instrument for determining the amount of carbonic acid developed by sugar in fermentation). Business can reap new clients, markets and contacts.

Big corporations have been fueling the current buy-out, merger and acquisition game using company stocks and few cash. They are buying each other up using equities (issuing newly created shares of overpriced company stocks). Nearly all recent deals are structured this way. Few has made all cash offers in the process.

Now with KISBE, you can participate like the big boys to acquire and sell whatever you want with few cash of your own. It's like running your own bank with your own check, and everyone using your financial system - your bank and their own checking accounts within your bank.


How KISBE works:

Business and traders get credited trade dollars (TD) every time they perform a service or supply products to another member. These trade dollars are deposited into a central bank - KISBE accounting department - which keep track of your account and issue online monthly statements for all active participating members. You can spend your accumulated trade dollars among any of the members.

KISBE accounting department keeps track of all debits and credits among the members and issue monthly online account statements. KISBE charges only a 10% transaction fee - in trade dollars. And for a limited times only, we have waived all membership fees for our Life-Time Chartered Members. That means you will never pay a membership fee, ever!


Some of the benefits of the KISBE program:


For a limited times only, you may become one of our Life-Time Charter Members with no membership fee by using the INPUT FORM below.

You have worked hard for your cash. Let us help you preserve it while helping your grow your business and gain new market shares!

For further information , please call 925-828-9643 or e-mail KISBE for more details.



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To join our Free Life-Time Chartered Membership program!

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Contact Information

You may contact us during normal business hours at 925-828-9643 or email services@kisgroupinc.com for more details.

Telephone: 925-828-9643

Fax: 978-246-8193

Postal address: P.O. Box 2776, Dublin, CA 94568-0277

Electronic mail: Webmaster@kisgroupinc.com

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