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KIS Group, Inc., a diversified services and products company, has three integrated business units. They are:

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Our Mission

Established since 1989 in California, KIS Group consists of business units focused exclusively on providing innovative solutions for the small businesses and individuals.

Businesses today are constantly challenged to reduce operating costs, maintain profit margins, improve level of services, and increase overall efficiency. Individuals are facing tough purchasing, investment, and estate planning decisions which affect their financial well beings in the future and beyond. KIS is uniquely positioned to respond to these challenges.

A company can improve overall performance and profitability by outsourcing complicated tasks that are both system and labor intensive, and that can divert management's strategic focus from the core original business.

KIS's Technical and Manpower units provide innovative outsourcing solutions that immediately reduce our clients' operating costs, protect profit margins, increase productivity, enhance the quality and consistency of service, and provide management with more Time and Money to focus on new business opportunities.

KIS's Computer Services unit provides wholesale computer systems, peripherals, workstations, servers, networking equipment, routers, switches, hubs, printers, copiers and software, etc. If you want to conserve cashflow, you may lease everything we sell, including but not limited to computer systems, phone systems, pagers, CAD machines, copiers and other office machines and equipment through our Leasing unit. But we do not stop there, our Stationery and Computer Forms Printing unit will help you with all your printing needs as well.

Individuals and institutions can take advantage of our Loans and Funding programs and high yielded General Partnership programs. We can help you save over one third of mortgage interest payments using our Mortgage Reduction Plan (MRP). Our Estate Planning unit offers a low cost Living Trust package (L.T.) to ensure all those hard earned assets accumulated by you through the years stay in your family. These and much more are all offered exclusively by our Financial units.

KIS's clients share in the economies and efficiencies of scales only available from a well organized company with excellent services, quality products, and experienced staff.

Since we offer a multitude of valuable services and products, our clients count on us as an one stop center for all of their business needs.

We offer a highly integrated business solution package at rock bottom prices. Not only businesses, but individuals and institutions as well, can benefit from our offerings. Try KIS for the low costs and you will stay with us long term for the quality services.


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Our respective Services and Products: (For a complete description of each please click the URL's of your choice):

1. Technical and Manpower Services consists of:

2. Computer and Internet Services consists of :

3. Financial Services consists of :


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Contact Information

You may contact us during normal business hours at 925-828-9643 or email services@kisgroupinc.com for more details.

Telephone: 925-828-9643

Fax: 978-246-8193

Postal address: P.O. Box 2776, Dublin, CA 94568-0277

Electronic mail: Webmaster@kisgroupinc.com

Send email to services@kisgroupinc.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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