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16% average annual yield General Partnership Program

The term of the Partnership is ten years. Profits distributions will be paid monthly, with the original investment capital returned at the end of the Partnership term.

A yield that competes with any income fund. 16% average annual return in the first five years and increasing higher yields in years 6 through 10.

This investment has the liquidity of a Corporate Bond.

It has the safety features of an annuity.

The Partnership program is sold by Subscription Agreement only after client's examination and diligence of the Subscription Agreement, not a prospectus. It is sold under the exempt security statutes.

The Partnership program offers a high-grade financial product recommended for qualified individuals, and institutions only. All purchasers of the Partnership program must meet the purchaser's suitability standards as outlined in the Subscription Agreement. For further details please read the DISCLAIMER below, complete the input form or email General Partnership Program



This page is an overview of the General Partnership Program for our readers' information only. It is not a prospectus, and is not an offer to sell to the general public. The General Partnership Program is available to qualified individuals and institutions only. It is sold by Subscription Agreement and/or Disclosure Document only after client's examination and diligence of these documents. The General Partnership Program is not available in certain States.

Further, this page does not constitute as offer or solicitation of exempt securities in any jurisdiction in which such an offer or solicitation would be unlawful.

Prospective purchasers are not to construe the contents of this page, the Disclosure Document, and/or Subscription Agreement, or any prior or subsequent communications from the company or any of its employees or affiliates, as investment, legal or tax advice. Each purchaser should consult his/her own counsel, accountant and other professional advisors as to legal, tax and other related matters concerning his/her purchase.

For complete details and a copy of Subscription Agreement and/or Disclosure Document, please complete the input form below or contact your authorized Account Executive directly. Thank You.


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